Words of a Middle Man

Ben mazué - Obama

Shawn Lee - World Of Funk

Shawn Lee “World Of Funk” Promo



Sam Cox’s eSleeper finds a use for outdated technology.


Harvest by Alunda Kyrkokör (2009) from Olle Corneer on Vimeo.

Florian Rivière

New urban interventions from Florian Rivière done in London, check out his recent slew of new work [here]

l’usure du clocher is a kinetic sound sculpture by Nicolas Bernier

Hana Pesut

Switcheroo Photo Series

Exploded Flowers

Exploded Flowers Photo Series

Masato Sekine and Kyoko Kuroda

The Advertising Merry Go Round

Highjacking an advertising carousel became popular last winter.

Performance by Vojtěch Fröhlich, Ondřej Mladý, Jan Šimánek and Vladimír Turner in Prague, Czech Republic.

Lauren Brincat - It Will Come Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum

Nicholas Hanna - Water Calligraphy Device

Nicholas Hanna’s machine uses motion, electronics, and water to create temporary calligraphy in the streets of Beijing.

Greta Alfaro - In Ictu Oculi